In order to qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Economics degree, a candidate must have registered for, attended lectures, sat examinations and passed in all the 54 units taken throughout his/her period of study for the degree.


A candidate who satisfies the examiners for the award of the Bachelor of Economics degree shall be recommended for the award of the degree. He/she shall be placed in one of the following four categories according to his/her performance:


1.      First Class Honours

2.      Second Class Honours (Upper Division)

3.      Second Class Honours (Lower Division)

4.      Pass


The final classification of the degree shall be based on all the units studied and examined during the degree programme. The degree classification shall be based on a cumulative average mark for the four years of study. The classification shall follow the following key:


                        70% - 100%  = First Class Honours

                        60% - 69%    = Second Class Honours (Upper Division)

                        50% - 59%    = Second Class Honours ( Lower Division)

                        40% - 49%    = Pass

This is a FOUR YEAR undergraduate program. Each year is broken into TWO semesters of 15 weeks each.

Students are expected to cover FIFTY FOUR units of study, each with 45 contact hours.

The 54 units shall include FOUR common courses.

ONE common course shall be covered in each semester of the first and second years of study.

During the first and second years of study, students will be required to take SIXTEEN course units each year including the TWO common courses.

During the third year of study, students will be expected to take a total of TWELVE course units, FOUR of which will be selected from third year electives.

During the fourth and final year of study, students will be expected to take TEN course units, FOUR of which will be selected from a menu of fourth year electives.

Exams Regulations
  1. Examination Regulations


  1. The common examination regulations for bachelors’ degrees in all colleges of the University of Nairobi will apply.
  2. A candidate shall NOT be permitted to sit for an examination unless he/she has attended prescribed courses of study in accordance with university regulations.
  3. Assessment of each candidate’s performance in each course unit shall be through Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and a written TWO – HOUR end - of - semester examination. The end of semester examination shall account for 70% of the total marks while continuous assessment shall account for 30% of the total marks. The continuous assessment tests shall take one or more of the following forms: class assignments, written tests, or take – away tests.
  4. Each course unit shall be graded out of 100 marks. The marks obtained by a candidate shall be translated into letter grades based on the following key:


70% - 100%    = A

60% - 69%      = B

50% - 59%      = C

40% - 49%      = D

Below 40%     = E


  1. The pass mark for each course unit shall be 40%.
  1. Provisional examination results shall be made available to learners following the School Board of Examiners meeting at which those results are approved. Such provisional results shall be issued to each candidate indicating letter grades obtained in each course unit examined.
  1. Final examination results shall be issued by the Academic Registrar as soon as the results are approved by Senate.
  1. A candidate shall be permitted to proceed to the third year of study only after passing all units of the first and second years of study.
  1. A candidate who fails ONE paper may, on recommendations of the School’s Board of Examiners and approval by Senate be allowed to take a supplementary in the failed paper during the next examination season.
  1. A candidate who fails more than half of the total number of units studied in a particular year of study shall be DISCONTINUED.

Applicants for the Bachelor of Economics degree must, in the first instance, satisfy the general University of Nairobi’s admission requirements.

In addition, they should have obtained a minimum of grade c+ in Mathematics offered in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations, or their equivalents.

When the equivalents are difficult to establish, a candidate may be required to pass an entrance examination before being admitted into the programme. The pass mark for the entry examination shall be 50%.

  • Private limited Companies
  • Public Institutions(e.g KRA,KNBS,CAK, Government Departments)
  • International Multilateral Institutions (IMF, World Bank, IFPRI,CIMMYT)
  • Professional Economists
  • Planning Officers
  • Economic Attachee
  • Statistician/Econometrician
  • Multilateral/Bilateral Trade Negotiators 
Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Economics and Statistics- X74 & X75    
TUITION                    13,500.00  
MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                       6,500.00  
ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                       7,000.00  
CAUTION - (ONCE)                       5,000.00  
ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)                       2,000.00  
STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)                       1,000.00  
REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                       2,250.00  
EXAMINATION (PER UNIT @1000)                       1,000.00  
ID CARD ( PER YEAR)                       1,000.00  
LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                       4,000.00  
     Semester totals 
Sem1  2 units                      57,750.00
   3 units                      72,250.00
   4 units                      86,750.00
   5 units                    101,250.00
   6 units                    115,750.00
   7 units                    130,250.00
   8 units                    144,750.00
     Semester totals 
sem 2,4,6,8,10,12  1 unit                      16,750.00
   2 units                      31,250.00
   3 units                      45,750.00
   4 units                      60,250.00
   5 units                      74,750.00
   6 units                      89,250.00
   7 units                    103,750.00
   8 units                    118,250.00
     Semester totals 
sem 3,5,7,9,11  1 unit                      38,250.00
   2 units                      52,750.00
   3 units                      67,250.00
   4 units                      81,750.00
   5 units                      96,250.00
   6 units                    110,750.00
   7 units                    125,250.00
   8 units                    139,750.00
Sem 1  8 units                    144,750.00
Sem 2  8 units                    118,250.00
Sem 3  8 units                    139,750.00
Sem 4  8 units                    118,250.00
Sem 5  6 units                    110,750.00
Sem 6  6 units                      89,250.00
Sem 7  6 units                    110,750.00
Sem 8 5 UNITS + PROJECT 89250
Grand Total - X75  56 units           921,000.00
Sem 1  8 units                    144,750.00
Sem 2  8 units                    118,250.00
Sem 3  8 units                    139,750.00
Sem 4  8 units                    118,250.00
Sem 5  6 units                    110,750.00
Sem 6  6 units                      89,250.00
Sem 7  5 units                      96,250.00
Sem 8  4UNITS+ PROJECT                      74,750.00
Grand Total - X74  54 units           892,000.00