Message From the Chair


 Prof. Antony Wambugu

The Department  of Economics, Population and Development Studies offers specialized training in Economics at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels. Instruction is organized around three thematic areas, Economic Theory; Applied Economics; and, Mathematics and Quantitative Economics. The Department's programmes prepare students for globally competitive careers and graduates students with well-developed intellectual skills in economics. Alumni of the School hold top careers in Economics at the local and international levels. The Departmentl of Economics maintains strong links with international and regional organisations with similar or related mandates. We invite all our potential customers to join us and not to miss the opportunity to earn a degree in economics from our unit. We are proud to be the leading centre of excellence in both undergraduate and graduate training in Economics in Eastern Africa. We also invite all alumni and stakeholders to come and partner with the School as we strive to achieve our vision of ‘a centre of Scholarly Excellence in Training and Research in Economics’.



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