About School of Economics

History of the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics and Development Studies(DEDS) is one of the largest units of the University of Nairobi. It has the largest pool of Economists in Kenya and East Africa, with an academic staff establishment of 55 members. The Department offers specialized training in Economics at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels. It also offers Development Studies at postgraduate levels. The Department is organized under four thematic areas: Economic Theory, Applied Economics, Mathematics and Quantitative Economics and Development Studies. The Department has a rich profile of local and international linkages and collaborations with various institutions in research and consultancy, capacity building, staff and student exchange and curriculum development among others.

                                                          Economics Career paths

 Career Prospects                                                                  Prospective Employers 

  1.   1   Professional Economists                                                                              Private Sector
  2.       Planning Officers                                                                                          Public Sector
  3.           Economic Attachee                                                                                       Parastatals
  4.       Statisticians/Econometrician                                                                         NGOs
  5.           Multilateral/bilateral Trade Negotiators                                                       International Institutions  & Research Institutions

During their study period, Development Studies students are actively engaged as research assistants in research projects. This gives them a chance to build their development research skills.  Also, as the projects are implemented collaboratively with industry partners, students get opportunities to build contacts with potential future employers.

Our graduates go on to work in the private sector, civil society organisations and public sectors in Kenya and beyond. They are working to address emerging issues that have implications for development in various capacities including:

1.     Monitoring & Evaluation Experts

2.     Development Analysts

3.     Project Managers

4.     Business Development Experts

5.     Community Development Experts

6.     Development Researchers/Consultants

7.     Academic Professions

8.     Programme Officers in Development Projects.


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Department of Economics and Development Studies

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