three school of economics students graduate with doctor of philosophy in economics

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Thu, 2016-09-22 11:48

On 2nd September 2016, three PhD candidates were awarded a doctoral degree in Economics during the University’s 55th graduation ceremony. The three candidates are:

  1. Dr. Richard Kabanda
  2. Dr. Paul Otung
  3. Dr. Naftali Wambugu

Prof. Jane Mariara sent a warm congratulatory message to the candidates on behalf of the School. She told them that they had made the School proud and wished them all the best in their careers and future endeavors. 

Director Economics reads out names of PhD graduands

Mr. Kabanda and Mr Otung get ready for the award.

Three (3) Economics PhD Graduans (in the middle) line up for the award

Richard Kabanda proceeds for the award

Mr. Kabanda bows for the cap

Mr. Kabanda is capped

Dr. Richard Kabanda receives his doctoral certificate

Congratulations to Dr. Kabanda

Doctoral certificate for Dr. Kabanda 

Mr. Paul Otung and Mr. Naftali Wambugu lead other graduans for the award.

Mr. Naftali Wambugu is capped

Congratulations to Dr. Naftali Wambugu 

Director, Economics with fellow Deans/Directors during the ceremony

Deans and Directors excited about the graduation

Dr. Kabanda and Dr. Otung celebrate with their families

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