seminars, workshops, public lectures and conferences attended

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1.Kiriti-Nganga (2013), Non Tariff Measures in Kenya: A revisit”, Paper Presented at the WTO Chairs Annual Conference in Geneva Switzerland from the 11th to 12th July 2013.


2.Kiriti-Nganga, T. (2013) “Documentation of Women’s Experiences in Food Security in Kajiado County in Kenya” Paper presented at the Australian Alumni Conference titled: Leading Change: Australia Awards Alumni in Africa’s Development” in Cape Town South Africa from the 8th to the 12th of September 2013.


3.      Kiriti-Nganga, T. (2013) “The impact of social protection on the welfare of vulnerable communities in East Africa: A case study from Kenya”., Paper Presented a Cconference on Financing Social Protection at the Serena Hotel in Entebbe Uganda from the 20-24th of October 2013


4.Kiriti-Nganga, T. (2013) Cost of Gender Gaps in the Agricultural Sector in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries”. Paper presented at a Methodology Workshop from the 19th to 21st November 2013 at the Safari Park Hotel Sponsored by the UN women and African Women’s Studies Centre.


5. J. Kabubo-Mariara. “Pro-poor Growth, Inequality, and Institutions in Kenya”, Paper presented at IAD Spring 2013 Symposium on Growth, Poverty and Inequality: Confronting the Challenges of a Better Life for all Africa. In Honor of Erik Thorbecke, H.E. Babcock Professor Emeritus of Economics, Cornell University. April 19–20.


6.J. Kabubo-Mariara. Inequality, Poverty and Growth: Understanding the Linkages in Kenya. Paper presented at the GDN 14th Annual Global Development Conference on Inequality, Social Protection and Inclusive Growth. Manila, The Philippines. June 19- 21, 2013.


7.J. Kabubo-Mariara “Climate Change, Crop Productivity, Farm Profitability and Agricultural Adaption in Kenya” Paper presented at the Environment for Development Annual Workshop, Nairobi, August 15th 2013.  


8.J. Kabubo-Mariara “Climate change, food security and vulnerability in Kenya”. Paper presented at the Environment for Development 7th Annual Meeting, Cape Town, South Africa. October 22-27th 2013.


9.B. Kinuthia. “Productivity Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment in Malaysia”. Paper Presented at the 5th Annual International Conference. ‘Growth: Critical Perspectives from Asia’, University of Copenhagen, June 13-14 2013.


10.M. Muriithi. “Demographic Transition and Demographic Dividends: Evidence from Kenya’s National Transfer Accounts”. Paper presented at the ‘Ninth Meeting of the Working Group on Macroeconomic Aspects of Intergenerational Transfers’. Barcelona – 8th June, 2013.


11.M. Muriithi. “Priority Setting on Social Determinants of Health: A Case Study of National Schools Health Policy in Kenya”. Paper presented at the Third Steering Group Meeting and Second Regional Meeting – Africa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 23rd-26th October, 2013.


12.O. Nyang’oro. “Portfolio Flows and Stock Market Performance in Kenya”, Paper presented at CSAE Conference on Economicc Development in Africa, University of Oxford, March 2013.


13.O. Nyang’oro “Determinants of Capital Structure of Listed Companies in Kenya and the Impact of Corporate Tax”. Paper presented at AERC biannual workshops in June 2013.


14.J.K. Gathiaka “Uplifting Poor Smallholder Farmers in Kenya through the Mobile Phones”. Paper Presented at a workshop Organized by Linkoping University & University of Nairobi, Kenya Science Campus, 14-16 February, 2013.


15.J.K. Gathiaka “Externalities of farming in forestlands in Kenya”Paper Presented at the Environment for development (EfD) Annual Workshop, Nairobi, 7 August 2013.


16.  J.K. Gathiaka “Competition issues in the sugar industry in Eastern and Southern Africa”Paper Presented at the African Competition Forum, Botswana, 23rd-24th October, 2013.

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